February 2nd, 2008


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

I changed my mind, I'm not gonna put everything in one entry. It'll get way too crowded way too fast. So each game will have its own entry, and  the original entry will be your stop for art, and once again, CUTS CONTAIN SPOILERS!  In fact, a cut for one case might on occasion contain a spoiler for a different case, so proceed at your own risk if you haven't yet beaten the trilogy!

...I think I should also add the stories of when I got each game.  It doesn't really make sense not to if they're interesting, right?  Right.  Back when this game was rare and expensive over here and I knew nothing of 2 and 3 which would both be Japan-only for a long time, one of my friends had it and I believe she was trying to get me into it as well.  Like many others, I had my suspicions about how fun a lawyer game could possibly be.  I decided to see what people had to say on Gamefaqs.  I had no idea what any of the topics were about, but they looked interesting, but what really got me was the gigantic funny quotes thread.  Obviously the game was in fact something I had to have.  Oh, and also, the first time I ever saw Phoenix was on that one Gant raep YTMND with Gant chasing Phoenix on the escalator.  XD So anyway, I found a cheap (around $50-$60... that was cheap at the time!) copy on eBay, and Dad ordered it for me on the condition that I work off the money.

So then the game came in the mail one day, and I was so excited, but I couldn't actually play it yet because I still owed the money, but my parents let me start it up to make sure it worked okay.  I started up 1-1, and unfortunately only got as far as Larry's drama at the beginning before I had to stop.  But I just loved Larry's sad puppy eyes and couldn't wait to play more!  I'm pretty sure this was the game that I thought I'd paid off by the time I did, but then found out about some crappy extra cost... probably shipping or something... that would take even longer, but I think I got out of that because I hadn't been informed of it before.  And then I finally got to enjoy the exciting courtroom hilarity!

Oh, and a warning to people with slow connections, there are lots of pics here!

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Anyway, stay tuned for the next case!  I actually don't feel like replaying it again (I wanna get to 1-3 already), but posting screenshots and comments as I play is definitely fun... y'know, I feel kinda left out because other people are timing themselves, but I didn't think of that, and plus I take longer anyway due to the constant updates and screenshot-taking while I'm playing, and plus I get distracted easily... and plus I say "and plus" too much, but that's not important.  XD

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Today, Phoenix's courtroom adventures continue as he and his new friend and assistant Maya Fey go after yet another murder mystery in...

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Missing screenshots are up!  Now I can get on with the game!
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