February 11th, 2008


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All

We are at the second game in the series!  This one only has four cases, with no extra DS stuff like 1-5 had, but that's fine because 2-4 is the perfect kind of final case for a game, being the hardest emotionally in the whole trilogy.  Why?  Well, I can't say that now... you'll find out later.

Edit: Forgot the story of how I got the game.  Well, as you probably know, Capcom didn't expect Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to get nearly as popular as it did, and we weren't expecting to get the sequels.  Fortunately, I hadn't spoiled myself (wasn't really interested, since I didn't think I'd get to play it anyway), because they eventually decided it was worth translating, and even gave us a preorder bonus with it, which was the Phoenix finger stylus (which I'd seen a picture of and decided I wanted it).  So I preordered the game, went to pick it up the day after the ship date (it was a Wednesday evening because we were on our way to church for dinner and youth group), and we got to Gamestop right exactly as they were opening the boxes.  I got my game, but had to come back the next day for the stylus because the only guy who knew where they were wasn't there at the time.  At least I got my game and stylus without too much trouble.  :)


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2-2 seems to be sort of a hated case, and honestly, I've never figured out why.  Is it the whole spirit channeling thing being involved in court?  Because... obviously that can happen in this series, if it has characters who can actually channel spirits in the first place.  XD

Now, this next case, on the other hand... that's true annoyance.  I was stuck for a long time on one of the investigations, and some of the characters (Max and Regina... ESPECIALLY REGINA AND HER BOUNCING SPARKLINESS GRR) were annoying... wish me luck!

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The investigations in this case seriously ticked me off the first time, but as I predicted, this time wasn't so bad because I remembered what to do and was then able to focus on having fun with the case.

Now, the next and final case in the game... everyone loves it.  Some people don't even like the first three cases, but still think the game is worth the money just for 2-4.  What is so great about 2-4?  Find out in the next update in maybe a couple hours or whenever!
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