February 16th, 2008


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All part 2

Welcome to the final case of Phoenix Wright's second game adventure!  This is the longest and most emotional case in the game, and considered to be the best by pretty much everyone.  Like 1-3, it appears to be just another crazy Samurai case, which was great for 1-3, but doesn't seem right for a final case.  But as we will find out later, these things are not always what they seem.  You know the drill, lots of pics and possible trilogy spoilers.

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7/6/08: Dang, I'm taking forever here!  I rented The World Ends With You a few weeks ago and finally returned it earlier.  Insanely awesome.  Right up there with the AA series on my list of favorite games!  It's so addictive and I want to own it T_T

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It's awesome that I finally got back into this, but I'm letting a friend borrow Trials and Tribulations (finally, now that she has a working DS and doesn't have to use mine whenever I'm there), so that'll be a bit longer... but when I get it back, then I can play through it again... man, 3-5 was so epic, and I've only played it once several months ago... then on to Apollo Justice, which I'm really pretty excited about posting here!  Later, d00ds!
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