November 22nd, 2008


Phoenix Wrigh: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

All right, it's officially been long enough!  I really didn't want to take nearly this long, but it's hard to update a Let's Play when you don't have access to the game you want to play.  I let my friend borrow it and it's been lost for the past few months at least, and I will buy another copy if mine doesn't get found or replaced soon... however, that is not our only problem.  My camera broke a couple months ago and still has yet to be sent in for repairs (I've got cute snuggling kitties to photograph, too ;-; ).  So we are doing things a little... differently now.

Links to previous cases:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
1-1: The First Turnabout
1-2: Turnabout Sisters
1-3: Turnabout Samurai
1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes
1-5: Rise from the Ashes

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
2-1: The Lost Turnabout
2-2: Reunion, and Turnabout
2-3: Turnabout Big Top
2-4: Farewell, My Turnabout

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