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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Countdown!


(Huh, the counter says 21 days, but the game's already been out for 3 weeks... but I'm leaving the counter up anyway because it's pretty.  -3/13)

Achtung, baby! Any Ace Attorney fan knows February 20 will be a day to party, and by party, I mean be too busy playing Apollo Justice to do any actual partying for about the next couple weeks (except for the fact that the next day is my sister's birthday, of course). XD So we are counting down like it's 1999... again! And here is the schedule that SilverWind of Court-Records came up with:

Feb 2: 1-1
Feb 3: 1-2
Feb 4: 1-3
Feb 5: 1-4
Feb 6: 1-5 PART 1
Feb 7: 1-5 PART 2
Feb 8: 2-1
Feb 9: 2-2
Feb 10: 2-3
Feb 11: 2-4 PART 1
Feb 12: 2-4 PART 2
Feb 13: 3-1
Feb 14: 3-2
Feb 15: 3-3
Feb 16: 3-4
Feb 17: 3-5 PART 1
Feb 18: 3-5 PART 2

I don't think I'll be exact (1-4 in one day? OBJECTION!), but that's roughly what I plan on going like. And I shall be updating with my thoughts and comments on each case, and I will keep editing this entry with said updates!  So stay tuned, fellow ace attorneys!  And be warned, THE CUTS WILL HAVE MEGA SPOILERS!

Big-arse wallpaper!  The other wallpaper, I'm not linking to because you can just grab it from my background.

Warning: Harry Potter spoiler which probably everyone knows by now, but I'm being careful.

We're almost ready to go!  We're about an hour away from the start of the countdown, in EST, at least, and I'm very excited, even though I'll have to play 1-1 and 1-2 again (not that I don't like those cases, I just don't like playing them too much without getting a chance to play 1-3 afterward), but then I can finally get onto 1-3.  ...I should totally be an announcer for exciting events like this... anyway, I will update as time goes by and I think of more stuff to say about each case!

1-1: The First Turnabout

I haven't actually started playing it yet, but I'm so excited to get started, and I'm considering picking up my DS in an hour and seeing if I can play this case in 15 minutes so I can be done in time for Frisky Dingo.  But if that doesn't work, then... I'll just finish the case after Frisky Dingo.  Yes, it's perfect!  I was gonna make sure my DS was fully charged first, but I haven't played it much since I last charged it, so it'll have more than enough power for that tiny little case.  :P I don't have anything else to add right at this moment, but keep checking back every so often because I will keep adding stuff!

Midnight!  Time to start!  Let's see how far I get before Frisky Dingo!

Okay, so much for that, but... screenshot time!

I saw this in Nintendo Power and wonder if it looks at all familiar.

Why yes, it does look familiar!  This just happened!


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