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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney part 2

A little behind schedule here... couldn't really get much playing it, thanks to tornadoes causing trouble and stuff like that... didn't want to get stuck with a dead battery if the power went out (and either way, I wouldn't be posting anything on the internet with no power).  But we fortunately kept our power, and the severe weather apparently has passed, so...

This one will have 1-4 and 1-5... I'm trying to keep this fairly organized and not too crowded; I posted a heck of a lot of screenshots just for the first three cases, and if I added these two cases, that post would get too gigantic.  @_@ So I've decided each final case will get its own entry because they're big and special.  Remember, POSSIBLE TRILOGY SPOILERS!  And LOTS OF PICS for those of you with slow connections!

Case 1-4, Turnabout Goodbyes, was actually the final case in the GBA version.  Rise from the Ashes was added for the DS version, and is the only case in the trilogy that really makes you use the features of the DS.  It also introduces Ema Skye, who later returns in Ace Attorney 4 (which of course also uses the DS's features, as it's the first game in the series made exclusively for the DS).

1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes

Or, The Great Edgeworth Emo-Fest

Summary: Edgeworth is a murderer!  No he's not!  It was an old guy!  Edgeworth is still a murderer!  No he's not!  It was another old guy!  Prosecutor Dracula?  Also, Maya goes emo, too.

Two unidentified people are standing on a boat, talking about something from 15 years ago.  One of them seems pissed.  Then he shoots the other guy.  We then see the gun, and the person holding it... Miles Edgeworth!?

Nick's watching the news about Gourd Lake; meanwhile, Maya complains about not having a freezing waterfall to train under.  A monster has been spotted at Gourd Lake.  They call him Gourdy.  But that's not the only thing... there was also a murder there!  And Edgeworth is the suspect!  Let's go find out what the deal is here!

He doesn't want to talk to us... it's like he wants to be found guilty.  Well, too bad, Edgey, because we are not letting that happen!

Whoah, Gumshoe's mad.  You can tell he loves Edgeworth...

They sell Samurai Dogs at Gourd Lake, but they're a little outdated.  The Pink Princess is what's popular now.

Silly Maya, with your yelling at and kicking expensive cameras... XD Whoops, there goes a whole roll of film.  Lotta's not happy.

Hey, it's Santa!  Did you bring me-

...Never mind.  D:

...Hey, why don't I remember that Larry sprite?  o.o

Of course.  All prosecuting attorneys do.

Maya recognized the victim.  He worked at Grossberg's office.

We are Mia's somethings!  You remembered!

Better than the scent of fresh hemorrhoids...

The victim was Robert Hammond, the defense attorney in DL-6.

Got Misty's photo, so let's make Edgeworth talk now.

He's letting me defend him now!  :D

EARTHQUAKE!  Edgeworth's curled up in a ball on the floor!

Not if he didn't do it!

Hey, I don't think I've noticed that whitish Phoenix silhouette there before.

What is Edgeworth's problem with earthquakes?  We shall find out later!

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

The prosecutor for this case is Manfred von Karma.  He's been a prosecutor for 40 years and hasn't lost once.  And Maya can't summon Mia now; she's conveniently out of practice.  Gulp...

Manfred even tells the Judge what to do... and the Judge listens...

He's also got the scariest "OBJECTION!" ever... terrified me when I first heard it. 

And this butthole sustains his own objections, too!

Aww, Maya contempted herself to save me!  D:


Thanks.  D:

All the cool kids are doing it.



And with this new development, we know Edgey can't possibly have been the shooter.  The trial must therefore end for the day.

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3 start

We visit Maya in detention (she's in contempt of court), and Nick's going to bail her out.  With his own money, of course.  Sadly, she still can't summon Mia...

Oh good, Edgeworth's paying the bail.

Yeah, good luck with that.  XD

He's gay for Phoenix!

Oh yeah, that too.

Also... is it me or does that string of flags look familiar?

Maya sneezed and used up more of Lotta's film.  Lotta doesn't want to be an investigative photographer anymore if Gourdy doesn't exist.

Gumshoe has three things that could help us find Gourdy.

#1 Missile.

#2 His own personal pole that he shows us.

#3 A metal detector.  The only useful thing.

What's up, Missile?

He's going after the Samurai Dogs!  Larry's boss is gonna kill him...

This is why I like Maya.  See, she comes up with the kind of bizarre ideas that I'd think of myself.

He explodes on contact with large objects?

Now let's try Gumshoe's personal... the fishing pole.  But we don't have any bait...

Well, that was just mean.  D:

We go back to Gourd Lake with the metal detector this time.

Hey, Lotta, I did find Gourdy.  Guess what?  He's an air tank.  Actually, he's the Steel Samurai.

Hi, Polly!  Pretty bird!  ^_^

...What kind of parrot is she supposed to be, anyway?

Sounds like a plan.  :D

I bet they're good.  :D

So it seems this old man is somehow connected to DL-6, based on what we found out from Polly... because Maya said the secret words... because he said there were secret words...

Chapter 3 end

Chapter 4 start

That doesn't sound like it would work well with a witness who takes forever to wake up every time you talk to him.

Hey, he didn't ask for the witness's name!

Hah, von Karma got pwn'd!  I just used up all 3 minutes and the judge is letting me cross-examine!  XD

Oh snap, he ended the trial!

Whoah, someone just saved me at literally the last second with Cornered music!  Who is this mystery person!

Yay, Larry!

Miles Edgeworth!  8B

Oh, now you don't want to give a funny answer...

Now I remember what the murderer did (because Phoenix just explained it)!  I remembered it had something to do with him shooting into the lake and then jumping in and swimming back to shore...

Hey!  The witness ran away!  Jerk!

Hmm... Edgeworth wants to tell me something... a confession of love?  Not exactly.  More like a confession of murder...?

Chapter 4 end

Chapter 5 start

I don't remember this music here, when Nick's about to tell Maya about that time in 4th grade... Phoenix was accused of stealing some kid's lunch money, while Larry was conveniently out of school on that day.

Poor little Phoenix... :<

Yay, little Edgey to the rescue!

And little Larry, too!

And that's how they became friends.  They're so cute...

And then Miles transferred and Phoenix couldn't find him, so he became a defense attorney to try and stalk him.

...You mean you don't plan on paying me ever?

Ha ha, Lotta wasn't supposed to camp there.  XD

That bastard!  At least him being gone means we can snoop around.

Ah, looks like he was following instructions for the murder.  And whoever wrote it wanted revenge on Edgeworth.

Now we get to find out about Edgey's nightmare.  He's had the same one almost every night... ow!  Major suckage!  D:

"And you've already used up your grammar, Yogi!  'Breath' isn't a verb!"

"Pleeeeeeeaaaaase stop iiiiiiiiiiit!  I need to yeeeeeeeeeeell mooooooooore!"

And that's how Miles accidentally killed his dad, supposedly.

GROSSBERG, YOU FAT BASTARD, WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON!?  Then again, who would actually think of what really happened?  ...I mean seriously, as a likely possibility!

HARUMPH!  </frisky dingo reference>

Time to go check the records room again...


D:!  Sad music and sad Maya!  Hey, she snagged an evidence!  And I'm noticing now that the game hints that that's what you show her at the end.

Chapter 5 end

Chapter 6 start

Whoops.  Maya still has electricity from the taser. 

Do I need to make a joke about how wrong this sounds out of context?

The witness's name is... ROBERT HAMMOND!

Are you sure?  Why was I not informed of this!?

No!  I can't prove that he's Yanni Yogi!  I'm screwed!  And so is Edgey!  D8

Thanks, dude!  That's perfect!  8D


Aww, pretty birdy!  ^-^

Because the witness is a bird.

Mr. Wright!  You can't just try to cross-examine a bird like a person and expect to get anywhere!  That's why Maya has to talk to her.  Maya knows the secret words.  :D

She's only seven years old!!!

Looks like we're done; Yanni confessed to the murder, and Edgeworth is innocent...

...OR IS HE?  Edgeworth objects to his not guilty verdict that he just got...?  He's gonna try to confess to murdering his dad!

But you're pointing at Phoenix both times!  Are you saying he's you and the judge?

Normal just does not work in the AA world.

Are you all right, Mr. Wright?

NO SERIOUSLY I'M FINE!  (yes, I have to do this every time he says that because Apollo says it a lot in the demo)

We figured out that von Karma was the murderer in DL-6, but we can't prove it without knowing what happened to the second bullet.  But I know exactly where it is...


RAWR ATTACK WITH METAL DETECTOR!  (background and prosecutor's desk from Court-Records)

Now he's making me prove that that bullet is from DL-6, but he took the evidence I need!  Or did he...?

And the same one Maya took right before we were tased!  Thanks, Maya!  :D

Who does he mean by "us"?  Shouldn't they call a doctor?  O_o Seriously, no wonder he broke down after that.  That's just scary.

Now you're pointing at the right person!

And now Edgey's really not guilty!


Larry gives Edgey something to celebrate... $38!  So he stole the money!  And Edgeworth figured that out and didn't tell me, and made me be a lawyer and go through all this trouble!

Bye, Maya!  See you in the next game!  (Great timing with this shot; this was an auto-scrolling scene!)

Hoo boy, this is gonna be a long journal... 1-5's up next, and it's probably the longest case in the trilogy... haven't played it in a while, so I don't really remember how long it is, but I'll have to try to resist posting a huge buttload of screenshots... we all know how well that's gonna work... @_@ But I'd better get on with it; I'm already behind schedule and should be starting 2-1 today.

1-5: Rise from the Ashes

Or, How Long Has This Turnabout Actually Been Canon?

Summary: Phoenix regains his lawyering ability thanks to the arrival of another teenage girl.  The defendant is her sister, who is being threatened by Damon Gant and his giant organ.  Edgeworth, meanwhile, has a fear of wriggling plywood, and Gumshoe has an odd fascination with jumping out windows.

The last case in Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, also the only case in the trilogy made exclusively for the DS, and also the only one without "Turnabout" in the name.  I'd almost forgotten the uber cool intro for this case, and after watching the intro to 4-2 in that one Gamespot video, I really notice how this intro was also made for the DS.  It... just looks so awesome...

It's been two months since Maya left, and Phoenix hasn't done a single trial since then. 

...Do I look like a dead pair of tits to you?  Put those glasses over your eyes and check again.

No, Godot and his infinite coffee generator don't exist in this game.

Hey, Ema has that pin thingy that's on Nick's hobo hat in AA4!

Anyway, Phoenix isn't taking cases at this point until Ema tells him it involves her sister, and then she reminds him of Maya... I guess he doesn't like lawyering without a young girl hanging around him.

And a spirit medium isn't unusual?

"It" being Phoenix's badge... foreshadowing?

Lana's being difficult... she's admitting to the murder (that she didn't do).  Oh, and also, she was... intellectually attracted to Mia.  Yeah, sure.  XD

Another stepladder.  XD

Now we learn how to examine evidence... like we'll be doing in AA4... 8D

Angel Starr!  The Cough-up Queen!  :D

She's got something against prosecutors.

Hee... hee... hee...

Edgeworth has a bouquet and a Steel Samurai figure from Oldbag.  XDDD

She wishes... XD

And a pretty tea set... yeah... XD

He's also got his jacket from 3-4 on the wall.

Meekins!  :D

And there's the Blue Badger.  :D

And Gumshoe's dancing with it.  XD

Poor Gumshoe.  D:

Steel Samurai ringtone!  :D It's Lana's phone.  She called Ema right after the murder.  Ema likes the Steel Samurai.  :D

Phoenix has a feeling there's a lot more going on here than what meets the eye... but then, isn't there always?

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

Yeah, but that doesn't mean they actually did anything!

We learn a valuable lesson at the start of the trial, which is that caviar doesn't taste like pickled tapioca like the judge thought it would.  My grandma then informed me that caviar is salty.

Angel used to be a detective until two years ago, and now she's just a lunch lady.  A lunch lady who is, unfortunately for us, pretty certain about having seen the murder.

She also has several boyfriends.

The position of "yet another boyfriend" is open, if the judge is interested.  He has to think before saying no.

I love the cheese scene.  XD

Eggs are people, too!

Hey, Edgeworth stole my objection!

...Ema, you do realize if he wins, your sister dies, right?

Sure, you can grab Edgeworth's knife and stab and rape everyone in the courtroom.  Just don't lie in your testimony.

Edgeworth's voiceless "HOLD IT!" looks a little awkward after 3-5.

So the muffler Lana was talking about on the phone was the car's exhaust pipe, which has a piece of cloth in it that's vital evidence.  Where does this take us?

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3 start

The first time we have two chapters in a row on the same part of the case.  It usually alternates between investigation and courtroom, but now we have two courtroom chapters in a row.

Jake checks up on us in the lobby and we learn that Lana does in fact have a red scarf.

What's wrong with Edgeworth?  Is he having a heart attack?  OH NO IT'S KIRA!

AGH!  O_O!

I love his theme music, though.  :D

Creepy... I still think Gant is actually a demon if he has those effects.

He's friends with the judge.  And his clap sounds cool!

Jolly good raep!  (but just so you know, I'm trying not to make too many raep jokes here... while I did almost expect him to try to rape Phoenix my first time through, first and foremost, he gave me the impression of an evil mastermind with supernatural properties)

Dangit, Gant, you take too long to talk!  But thanks for the evidence.

But not hard or yellowed.

The victim apparently was killed in two different places at the same time.  That's weird enough, and then Gant whips out... the report of the evidence room murder that Meekins was supposed to give Edgeworth, but Edgeworth made the mistake of not accepting it.  Poor guy's been really crappy with the evidence today, except when he stole my objections.  We need another day to investigate this oddity.

Chapter 3 end

Chapter 4 start

To the parking lot!  Science awaits us!

I has a Luminol.  :D

Like from that Phoenix shower photo?

I wonder who works here...

Angel tells the story of how she and the other detectives got screwed over by the prosecutors after the SL-9 incident where the murderer was caught, but with fake evidence.  She only sells lunches here so her boyfriends can help her investigate.

Whoah, the suspect for the evidence room murder is... Officer Meekins?  But he's too dorky to kill anyone!

The Spanish Inquisition?  Nobody expects that!

Ema, you can't hit a ghost!

I'm sure it will, too.

I love the part where I have to fix the jar!  :D

We can't finish it because a piece is gone, but... that's a pretty crappy jar.

Tres Bien?

We got the fingerprint set and found Jake's prints on one of the evidence lockers with a bloody handprint.  What does this mean?  Find out soon!

Chapter 4 end

Chapter 5 start

Today's first witness is Mike Meekins.  His testimony is where we get the security video.  I love that... it's so cool.  8D The only time in the whole trilogy when we get to see people moving.

But Edgeworth has a question about the video.

Truly one of the more memorable quotes in the game.  It's one reason why I like Edgeworth.  XD And with this one Klavier fanart I saw once, I've concluded that prosecutors have a fear of the Blue Badger.  Like it's their natural predator or something.

Edgeworth, I said I was sorry for poking your eye out!

Our latest information is that there actually wasn't a murder in the evidence room.  The person Meekins fought with was not Goodman and did not get killed.  Our next witness is Jake Marshall; his fingerprints were on the one locker door.  During a 30 minute recess, Gumshoe hands Lana the SL-9 file, which she then hands to Phoenix.  SL-9 was also known as the Joe Darke Killings, and the Skye sisters were both witnesses.

Chapter 5 end

Chapter 6 start

Once again, two trial chapters in a row.  This is a pretty big case.

Ema's not here now, so I have to cross-examine Jake without her.  Shouldn't be too much of a problem, right?

My question exactly.  Oh, and also, why is he allowed to have a knife in court?


Jake didn't want to let the SL-9 incident die, so he tried to steal the evidence.  His brother was one of the victims, and according to him, Joe Darke shouldn't have been able to beat Neil in a fight.  Neil Marshall was the prosecutor for the case until he was killed, at which point Edgeworth took over.

So that's the evidence room mystery cleared up, but unfortunately, that means the victim was killed in the parking lot, and that means Lana Skye is guilty.  But wait!  Ema comes to my rescue just in time with a SCIENTIFIC OBJECTION!

WTF The evidence room was the real murder scene?

Hey, he's giving me the finger!

And the real murderer is the person whose ID number is all 7s.

The audience is in an uproar upon finding out Lana forged evidence in the SL-9 trial.  We'll have to take another day.

Chapter 6 end

Chapter 7 start

More stuff about SL-9.  Neil Marshall was killed saving Ema from Joe Darke.  Lana forged evidence because she wanted a guilty verdict that badly, and Edgeworth used the evidence, not knowing it was forged, and that's how the rumors started.

Until SL-9, Lana and Gant were the ULTIMATE CRIME-FIGHTING TEAM!

Wow, Gant has a loud organ... THAT SOUNDS TOO WRONG D8

There's a crumpled piece of paper under Edgeworth's desk.  Ema grabs it while Phoenix distracts Edgeworth.

Oh, that's real nice.  D:

It's a letter of resignation!  D:

Awesome how Edgeworth tells the story of the shield and the halberd and Phoenix objects with Cornered music.  :D

Gumshoe decides to help us now.  He's not happy about Edgeworth's resignation letter.

Ema, stop hitting poor Gumshoe!  He's not a ghost!  You can't hit ghosts anyway!

.....................And he punishes detectives with his organ......................and you can hear it 13 floors down............

Gumshoe has weird dreams.  O.o

Wow, Gant wasn't even trying with that safe combination.

There's the last piece of the jar!

And Gant just kicked out Nick and Gumshoe so he could talk to Ema... alone...

So not only has Gant been hiding evidence from SL-9, he's also been blackmailing Lana for the past two years.  Lana really did stab Goodman, but after he was already dead, making her not the murderer, and that is what I am going to prove on the last court day.

Chapter 7 end

Chapter 8 start

Lana... do you really have to keep giving me a hard time?  She's trying to confess to the murder and end the trial now!  But Edgeworth has an objection.

And now Ema's at the stand.

Ema drew the picture on the back of the evidence list, the half Edgeworth didn't get.  Edgeworth is not pleased to find "that thing that was dancing in the evidence room" drawn on the back of his half.

Ema saw the Blue Badger during the fight between Neil and Joe.  But that's impossible!  It didn't exist yet!  It must've been something else!

And then Edgeworth gets scared again.  XD I remember I had a hard time with this on my first run and my friend had to help me.  Today, I'm not sure how that happened exactly, because it's not that hard to get it to look like the Blue Badger.  However, it will only accept it if you have it tilted at exactly the right pixels.

No!  Ema can't be the murderer!  D8 But it looks like I just proved she was...

Lady, you don't need to make this any harder for me...

But if she killed Neil, then that means Joe didn't, and...

Even though he did kill those five other people...

Once again, the judge can't shut up the audience, so a recess is in order.  Of course, because this case is too long for any single-chapter trial days.

Chapter 8 end

Chapter 9 start

If we're planning on taking HIM on, we're going to need this Evidence Law book Gumshoe just gave us.  I bet I know who Lana was talking about...

Now the defense has to call the next witness... DAMON GANT!  I CHOOSE YOU!

Phoenix Wright: Ace Frat Boy?


OBJECTION!  Not fair!  I needed that evidence!

I'd sure hope so...

This is just awesome, except I had a hard time getting a good photo... this scene shakes and auto-scrolls.

Crap, he's refusing to testify now!

And now he's not letting Lana testify... if she does, there will be terrible consequences involving Ema being found guilty for Neil's murder.  But Ema seems to accept it... let's move on to...

Chapter 9 end

Chapter 10 start

Three court chapters in a row!  We're cross-examining Lana now.  She still insists Gant had nothing to do with the murder or the evidence fabrication... she's trying to protect her little sister.

Luke Atmey is the Ace Detective!

Your Honor, explain why Gant hid the evidence for two years!

Gant arrived at the crime scene first, broke the jar, and took one of the pieces.  He wanted Lana to think Ema was the murderer so she'd need his help to protect her!

"The he most foul lies"?

Lana's last testimony...

Dangit, Gant!  You interrupted my cross-examination!

Yes, because you are.

Ah, the decision... do I present the evidence and get Ema declared guilty or do I hold on to it and get in trouble?  I remember the first time, I went ahead and kept it hidden because... well, of course, to protect Ema.  I didn't want her to be guilty!  D:

But let's see what happens if we show it now.

Phoenix presents the cloth, and is then asked whose fingerprints are on it.  After some hesitation...

Sorry, Ema... D:

Phoenix tries to say Gant could've forged that evidence because it was in his locker, but there's no way to prove that.  The trial is lost, the Skye sisters are found guilty for the murders, and the miracle never happen.  Whoops.

If we don't show the evidence, Gant insists that we do have it because we found it in his locker.  Self-pwnage, yay.  :D

He tells what really happened, admitting that he did hide the jar piece and the cloth, so now is the time to present the cloth.  Let's see what happens if we keep it a little longer.

Just a penalty.

Hah, I'm clever!  The same evidence that could convict Ema at one time just proved later that she didn't do it!

UBER PWN'D!  (yes, that second one was edited (brightness and contrast), which to me is cheating, but this is the least blurry shot I could get and it looks cool)


See?  This evidence is perfectly legal even though I broke into the police chief's office and stole it!

O_O!  He goes into some kind of clapping seizure after I accuse him!

Now he talks about what happened.  Goodman wanted to reopen SL-9 because there were too many unanswered questions, but because Gant was the one who killed Neil, he had to keep Goodman quiet.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Aww!  Lana's smiling for the first time in two years!


Way to ruin the mood, Emoworth.  D:

Edgey and Nick only got the truth because they worked together, and the evidence list with Ema's picture proves that.  THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER!!!!!11

There's Kurain Village in the credits!

Hi, Maya!  :D

Aww... ^_^

And that concludes Phoenix Wright's first adventure!  It's a shame I got to have fun with some of the DS stuff that I'll be able to play with in the fourth game and now I don't get to for two more games... playing 1-5, actually, made me feel a little closer to the release of AJ.  But for now, we're going back to the GBA-type stuff... see you in game 2!

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