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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All

We are at the second game in the series!  This one only has four cases, with no extra DS stuff like 1-5 had, but that's fine because 2-4 is the perfect kind of final case for a game, being the hardest emotionally in the whole trilogy.  Why?  Well, I can't say that now... you'll find out later.

Edit: Forgot the story of how I got the game.  Well, as you probably know, Capcom didn't expect Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney to get nearly as popular as it did, and we weren't expecting to get the sequels.  Fortunately, I hadn't spoiled myself (wasn't really interested, since I didn't think I'd get to play it anyway), because they eventually decided it was worth translating, and even gave us a preorder bonus with it, which was the Phoenix finger stylus (which I'd seen a picture of and decided I wanted it).  So I preordered the game, went to pick it up the day after the ship date (it was a Wednesday evening because we were on our way to church for dinner and youth group), and we got to Gamestop right exactly as they were opening the boxes.  I got my game, but had to come back the next day for the stylus because the only guy who knew where they were wasn't there at the time.  At least I got my game and stylus without too much trouble.  :)


2-1: The Lost Turnabout

Or, It's Almost Painful How Bad Payne Sucks

Summary: Phoenix gets amnesia.  He doesn't even remember his own name.  He still wins.

Another tutorial case, of course.  But this one's weird... that creepy Beethoven music starts playing, and Phoenix is on a dark cliff being terrorized by a giant evil judge.  Interestingly, that was as far as my sister got in her game when I noticed it definitely wasn't AA1 like what was supposed to be in the box it came in (which was the box for AA1).  For anyone unaware, Gamestop has this thing they do where they open the new games and store them in a drawer, then when you want to buy one, they put it in the box.  These games may or may not actually be new.  I don't really care as long as I get a perfectly working copy of the game I want, but people, when you get a game from there, make sure they put the right game in the box!

Anyway, back to the game.  Giant Evil Judge is being all threatening.  "You are no longer worthy of your title!"  Foreshadowing? 

And then he slams his gavel down.  Oh no!  He killed Phoenix before the game even started!

Oh, okay, it was just a dream, and the music was just that cell phone's ringtone.  But wait a second!  Who's that guy with the purple glow and the fire extinguisher?

Also, I love that shot of jacketless Phoenix on the couch.  :D

Phoenix wakes up later with a headache.

Which people?

I like how her salute makes that "whoosh" sound like Meekins'.  :D

Apparently she's the defendant.  It's gotta suck to have your life in the hands of a lawyer who doesn't remember you.  In fact, Nick has amnesia, so he's not going to remember how to do anything.  Good excuse for another tutorial case after he's proved that he's a good lawyer.

Oh, you think you can beat me?  Really?  Maybe if Fire Extinguisher Man had killed me, then you might have a chance.  That's why you're always in tutorial cases, you little wimp.

Man, the music in this game is weird after having just played through the first one again.  I remember it bothered me the first time, too.

The first objection of the game is one of the new features introduced in JFA, the ability to present profiles.

We just proved Maggey innocent, but now Payne objects and calls another witness.

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

Maggey has the idea to cure Nick's amnesia by kicking him in the head (with a MAGGEY KICK!).  I'm sorry, but I must refuse your offer.

Her most prized possession is Nick's business card that he wrote his cell phone number on.  Kinda sad.

That ringtone again!  And Maggey's got a Blue Badger shirt!  It's the phone she found on the ground.

Maya!  Good to see you again!  :D Of course, Phoenix doesn't remember her, either.  But she brought evidence.  :D

Great, I gotta cross-examine this spoiled rich guy who talks fast like Oldbag.  He's funny, but his hair disturbs me... the yellow part makes me think of a dead Siamese twin hanging from his forehead, the way it moves when he shakes his head.  x_x

Arrogant prick...

But he says he prefers strawberries.  XD

He's ranting while strangling himself with his scarf.  XDDD

Yes, because it is.

WTF does Joan of Arc have to do with your glasses?

Wheeeeee!  Cornered!  :D

Hah!  It was Wellington's phone!  That means he's got Phoenix's phone!  And Maya's going to call Phoenix's number to prove it.  :D


Wellington's breakdown plays the creepy Beethoven music.  :D

And Phoenix has his memory back!  He remembers Gumshoe... the judge...

...and Maya!

Speaking of Maya, remember when she left at the end of 1-4 to do more spirit medium training?  She's back now, and Phoenix starts to remember the events surrounding her return...

2-2: Reunion, and Turnabout

Or, Pearl's Mom Is A Bitch

Summary: Maya needs defending again, this time from Perma-PMS von Karma.  But the real killer was the dead woman, except she was really alive and pretending to be another dead woman.

I freakin' love this intro.  Confusing at first, but you appreciate it more after you know what's going on and it's so cool, but also kinda sad.  Apparently Maya's once again the defendant.

There's some grumpy guy in my office who keeps giving me the finger.  D:

That's not nice.  D: You barge into my office, make rude gestures at me, and then want me to help you sue the weather girl for not being able to control the weather?  You're mean and stupid.

Oh.  That is a little more serious.  But you still suck.

Dr. Grey wants to meet Maya and have her channel this nurse who died, and she agreed on the condition that she gets to see Phoenix again.  That's sweet... ^-^

It's Kurain Village, just like we saw in the credits after 1-5.

Aww, what a cute kid.

Hi, Maya!  :D

The little girl is Maya's cousin, Pearl.  She's also a spirit medium.  Sweet kid even though her mom's a total jerk.

Oh, Turner, you silly person.  You want her to sign a confession emphasizing that she was negligent about everything?  BWAHAHAHAHA Why do you even think she will?

...How the **** does Morgan turn her hair into a blimp!?

She slaps you if you show her Maya's profile.  Fey slapping gene at work here.

Hey, it's Lotta!  :D

Time for the channeling.  Maya and Turner go into the channeling chamber and lock the doors.

OH SNAP SOMEONE GOT SHOT IN THERE!  ARE YOU OKAY, MAYA?   Seriously, I was scared the first time because of course I didn't know yet whether or not Maya was hurt and I didn't want her to get hurt.  *shrug* I'm a protective kind of person.  Which is why 2-2 and 2-4 were

particularly exciting.

Let's do some door-smashing!  :D

Dr. Grey is dead and Maya's standing there with blood on her outfit!  O_O

One thing I find interesting about this case is that it starts off as just another day, then we meet someone who later becomes the victim in that same case.  Well, he was a butthole anyway.  :P

Lotta decides to be a celebrity photographer now because occult stuff is too scary.  Then she runs back to the channeling room to get more photos.

Creepy dancing girl!  Ini Miney: Ace Airhead.

Yeah, and it's... totally a bummer.

Ini Miney: Ace Airhead.  Hard to believe she's actually in college.

This is where I really appreciate being able to speed through the text because I don't remember if I noticed it the first time, but a lot of fans hate Ini because she takes too long to say whatever she's trying to say.

Maybe she is...

Stop running, Pearl!

So now we have to spend the night at Kurain Village and visit Maya in the detention center in the morning.

It's the same conversation as in the intro.

Maya's supposed to be the next Kurain Master.  A lot of people don't believe in spirit channeling, though.

Not really, seeing as, oh, you only... spent a good chunk of the first game pulling a Yu-gi-oh, with the channeling your dead sister, gaining a temporary growth spurt, and always saving my sorry butt.

Got the Magatama, which lets you see secrets people hide in the form of Psyche-Locks.  The Psyche-Lock stages are cool because they're sort of like out-of-court cross-examinations, but with creepy music and the threat of your soul shattering if you make too many mistakes.  But they also make investigations harder because during previous investigations, you just talked to everyone and got all the evidence and then went to court, but now, you also have to gather evidence for the Psyche-Locks and usually when someone's Psyche-Locks appear, you don't have all the evidence needed for them.

Speaking of Psyche-Locks, Ini's definitely hiding something.  No matter, I have the Magatama, which I show Pearl, and- crap, I made Pearl cry.  Morgan's gonna kill me.

Oh good, Maya told you about me.

I know she didn't say that, though.  O_o But this is explained in the next game.  From this point on, Pearl's all anal about Nick and Maya being together.

This isn't all bad, though.  Maya's friends are Pearl's friends.  :D

Pearl has more spiritual power than Maya, but still looks up to her.  That's adorable.  ^_^

Magatama charge get!  And I know just who to test my new toy on!

The prosecutor for the upcoming trial is... von Karma!?  WTF NOT GOOD!

Oh, it's just his kid... who became a prosecutor at 13!  Still dangerous!  Phoenix is still scarred by the events of 1-4.

Phoenix still takes good care of Charley.  :D

Pretty music after you break Ini's Psyche-Lock...

Hey, it's Mia!  Maybe she can help me!

And I know where she learned that from, too.

Mediums can't have dreams?  Glad I'm not one, then.  How do these people sleep?  That's got to be incredibly boring!


Chapter 1 end

Pearl is amazing.  She ran all the way from Kurain Village to the courtroom, and it's already 2 hours by train between the places...

Maya's also amazing.  She gets the first game's Cornered to play when she tells Pearl about Edgeworth and his and Phoenix's objection wars!

But Phoenix doesn't want her to talk about Edgeworth.  Apparently he's "gone and not coming back".  Maybe this has to do with that "Miles Edgeworth chooses death" message.

Now we get to see the new prosecutor, Manfred von Karma's daughter, Franziska.

She and the judge think I should plead justified self-defense, but I can't because that would still mean saying Maya was the murderer.  That's not gonna work for us.  We're going for a not guilty verdict as always.

How does that even work if he was shot at point-blank?

...That didn't seem like a whole chapter.  Anyway, Lotta's the next witness.

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3 start

Two court chapters in a row this early in the game... weird how I'm paying attention to that now.

"Tricked"?  Nice to see you believe in your cousin, foreheadzilla.


Because nobody expects it!

Maya was waving a pistol around?  When did that happen?  Did you seriously break into the same channeling chamber as me, Lotta?

Once again, Mia saves me when it looks hopeless.  This time she's channeled by Pearl.

XD Fran, Lotta just called you out on hiding evidence!


Oh sure, Franny gets color photos...

Why does Fran's desk-pounding remind me so much of her dad's headbanging?

Apparently Maya had left the room sometime before we broke in, but she doesn't remember.  One trial day finished, another investigation coming up.

Chapter 3 end

Chapter 4 start

Pearl isn't happy with Franziska trying to prove Maya guilty.

You do that!

Phoenix asks Pearl if she saw the murderer, and she gets defensive.  We don't know where she was or what she was doing at the time of the murder, and when I ask her... she has a Psyche-Lock!  PEARL IS THE MURDERER!

Going into the channeling chamber, I happen to catch...

...Morgan having alone time with a framed picture.

I still can't get that box in the side room!  I remember it being evidence...

Notice how the urn says "I AM".  It's been a while since I played this case, but I remember this is important in 3-2.

Pearl loves to play with her ball.

Lotta's emo-ing and running away from me, but I got the clothing box!

Cool!  Pearl has a Steel Samurai ball!

Oh good, Pearl's not the murderer.  She just broke the... UUUUUUURN!

You just told me not to look at you a few minutes ago!

Creepy pervert who scratches himself too much!  D: But it looks like we got our evidence for Ini's Psyche-Locks.

I love her pizza dough hat!  XD

I am officially creeped out... she pretty much just admitted to being the murderer, though.

Gumshoe's taking Morgan away and Pearl's upset.  He tries to cheer Pearl up by showing her "something cool", and then Morgan gets mad and drags him away by the ear.

Now to tackle Mia's Psyche-Locks...

This test unearthed some new information, which is that Ini and Morgan were working together on the murder!  And it has something to do with Misty Fey.  But what?  That's up to us to figure out in court.

Chapter 4 end

Chapter 5 start

Maya's sort of intimidated by Fran for being the same age as her and also having been training for something, but more mature and much scarier.  Pearl, meanwhile, is excited about her mom watching the trial, but Phoenix knows that isn't why Morgan's there.  He tells Pearl to channel Mia because... um... he's not confident enough.  But the real reason, of course, is that he doesn't want little Pearl to see her mom get proven to be involved in the murder.  She reluctantly agrees.

PEARLS!  This is a court of law!  We can't have alone time here!

Morgan testifies about when we broke the door down, and was considerate enough to mention that she sent the repair bill to Wright & Co. Law Offices.

The next witness is Ini Miney.  She claims to have been laying down in the side room when her sister came up and told her the exact scene that was in the intro, with the car crash.

I dunno, she's always squinting...

Except when she's ripping her pizza dough.

Ha ha, cornered with teh box!

And I just proved she killed Dr. Grey!  Well, except she still needs a motive... but I know exactly what that is!

Chapter 5 end

Chapter 6 start

This game has more chapters than the first one, it looks like... after a 5 minute recess, we're back in the courtroom, ready to prove Ini's motive.

Press Ini about the car from England, and you get...

...a hint about the contradiction, if you don't know the deal with British cars.  That was a hint...

...and this just makes it uber blatantly obvious.

HOLD IT!  If Ini was in the driver's seat, and Mimi was the one driving, then that means... GASP!

Ini was the one who died in the crash and Mimi survived with severe facial burns, then got her face reconstructed... with Ini's photo!  She's been posing as her dead sister this whole time!

And she had to kill Dr. Grey because he would've seen Maya trying to channel someone and failing because the person she was trying to channel was still alive!

Mimi had to turn into her dead sister because it was the only way to escape the pain of the malpractice and the crash... it's so sad... I feel like crying now... having suffered recent losses myself, this is just really hitting me... ;-;

OMG, Fran killed Phoenix!  You bastard!

Never mind, he's just unconscious.  But either way, Maya's not guilty!

I love these adorable reunions... ^_^

Foreshadowing if I ever saw it.

2-2 seems to be sort of a hated case, and honestly, I've never figured out why.  Is it the whole spirit channeling thing being involved in court?  Because... obviously that can happen in this series, if it has characters who can actually channel spirits in the first place.  XD

Now, this next case, on the other hand... that's true annoyance.  I was stuck for a long time on one of the investigations, and some of the characters (Max and Regina... ESPECIALLY REGINA AND HER BOUNCING SPARKLINESS GRR) were annoying... wish me luck!

2-3: Turnabout Big Top

Or, The Pedo, The Puppet, And The Peabrain

Summary: Circus freaks witness an almost impossible murder, apparently by a guy who thinks he's Paris Hilton.

That was a fun circus!  Not a fan of that music, though... aggravating memories...

Happy New Year, Pearls!

Huh, someone's calling.  It's Maya!  Something terrible happened!  My office needs cleaning!  No, a murder at the Berry Big Circus!

The defendant is the FABULOUS Maximillion Galactica.  Unfortunately, he annoys me.  I should just let him get a guilty verdict.  He reminds me of those fursonas on DeviantArt that have rainbow fur and tattoos that double as MP3 players.

Well, they just did, in case you didn't notice.  And you're not just getting off easy; you aren't Paris Hilton.

...Did he just call Nick "sweetie"?

Argh... no one will tell Maya what happened to Edgeworth!

Only the victim's footprints are there... speaking of footprints... we get to play with those in AA4!  I'm so excited...

OMG!  That tiger killed Phoenix!  You bastard!

Oh, never mind.  The tiger was just playing.

...Wow.  Regina's a moron.  "My dad killed my pet lion for no apparent reason and then he was murdered, but that's okay!  ^_^"

XD Maya stole a Max poster.

That's nice to know.

Hey, another stepladder.

Apparently Regina's supposed to be cute, but... I wonder if any of the players actually think so.  Maybe I just have something against stupidly happy Mary Sue wannabes.

If you go back to the office, Maya thinks you should have a stage name.

The "A" stands for "Attorney".

Back at the circus...

You are last name is Woodman?  *snicker* Welcome to you're "DOOM"!

Moe is one of the commonly hated characters, but he's probably my favorite of the circus people.  Really, I like most of them, just not Max or Regina.  Max is okay, I guess, but... augh, he puts on too much stuff and not enough clothes.  But he reminds me of Pegasus from Yu-gi-oh (and I imagine him with the same voice... yes, I am talking about the 4Kids dub), and that was an entertaining character.

Gotti?  WTF is that?  I'm sure it has something to do with the broken bottle, but this is one reason I was stuck on this case the first time!  ARGH!

Okay, apparently John Gotti was a mafia guy who died of throat cancer, but I'm still not sure what that has to do with a broken glass bottle (which, by the way, is broken because Max hit Ben on the head with it and stole Trilo because he was mad at Trilo for wanting to propose to Regina), unless he killed someone with one...

I'm gonna put a broken glass bottle in my pocket!  8D

Hey, that monkey stole my badge!

I guess you'll have to flash something else.

We found the badge, and that concludes the first investigation.

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

Max is pretty shaken up about the trial.  Maybe Phoenix should fly into the courtroom and get everyone on his side that way... well, it makes sense; he is named after a bird!

At least being guilty of having a stupid name is better than being guilty of murder.

"Mr. Phoenix Wright, leave the thinking to the witness."

You sure are, Nick.  At least you're not The Thinker; then you really would be responsible for Mia's death.

Hey, Trilo exploded!

Trilo was waiting outside for Regina so he could propose to her.  Enter strange conversation about puppet marriage.

Next we figure out that it was not Max that Trilo saw, but Russel Berry.  But who was the person wearing Max's symbols?  We'll have to figure that out with the next witness!

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3 start

According to Max, he couldn't have been at the crime scene because he was in Russel's office when Russel said "brb" and went down to the lodge, apparently wearing Max's costume that he took off..

The next witness is Moe.

I love how he doesn't take testifying seriously.

...Kinda creepy how the mouth on his hat changes to look like his real mouth.  O_o

XD If you press Moe on one of his statements, Fran threatens you with a huge whopping penalty (half your life bar), and if you say you can't prove that the witness's statement is wrong, the judge saves you and just gives you a tiny penalty.

Why else would he do it?

You can't press Moe's last testimony because if you do, Fran explodes half your life bar.  You can only find the contradiction and present evidence.  But that's not hard to do.

Whoah, he goes crazy when you point out that contradiction!  Like... maybe he's the murderer!

I love when the witnesses say the prosecutors told them to hide something.  XD

His testimony is really bizarre and seems like a joke, but I know it's true.  But how?  We'll have to investigate more.

Chapter 3 end

Chapter 4 start

Maya's down about not being able to figure out a magic trick that Pearl and Phoenix can do with their thumbs (I think I know what she's talking about... that one where you have to cross your eyes?).  So how do we figure out how the killer flew?

That wasn't what you said after the trial yesterday.

...And we're sure Max is a man?

Phoenix wants to learn more about Max's bust.  Not that he's into that kind of thing, of course.

We can finally get the paper in the tailcoat pocket.  We couldn't before because we didn't know it was evidence until now.


She wants to see Edgeworth again... but Phoenix still doesn't want to hear about him.  We're supposed to think he's dead or something.

Aww... Acro has little birdies.  One of them looks like a lutino cockatiel, but not quite...

Bull crap, Acro.  You did not see Max there.

The birds fly away when I present the Magatama... they know the Psyche-Lock Dimension is a scary place.  (fanfic not by me; I just found it)

Regina wants me to retrieve the costume Money stole from her.

Where's the "No and don't ask me again or I'll rip out your pancreas" option?

XD!  I've got the monkey Cornered!

...The lion wore the sparkly costume...?


Sad music, and we learn what happened six months ago.  Acro's brother Bat was being a stupid attention whore and put his head in Leon's mouth so Regina would go out with him, and then Leon bit down, and now Bat's in a coma with severe brain damage, and then Russell got pissed and shot Leon.

Dangit, Fran, that's my evidence!

Acro's the next witness and Fran has the evidence he was just about to give me.  But I'm not worried; Phoenix is close to figuring out the whole thing.

Chapter 4 end

Chapter 5 start

Regina's unnaturally excited about Max's courtroom performance.  I mean, these trials are a great kind of entertainment, but she doesn't get the seriousness of the whole "MAX IS GOING TO DIE IF I'M NOT CAREFUL, YOU IDIOT" thing going on.

Looks like Phoenix has decided to not press Acro, just present evidence.

Moe wants Regina to watch the trial so she'll learn that people don't become stars when they die.  Because... he doesn't believe it?  Kind of a silly reason, but she really does need to learn that she doesn't live in a happy fluffy bunny world where everyone loves her.  Plus I think the idea of turning into stars is kinda depressing, considering all they do is sit there all the way out in space where none of them would ever be able to see anything on Earth even if they could see, and then they burn out eventually...

I love how Acro's birds are allowed in court.  :D

Well, what do you know, I can press his statements.


The audience is not amused.


Max's bust was the murder weapon!

Well, we know how Acro murdered the ringmaster, but... why would he?  He had deep gratitude and respect for him.  Hardly any kind of motive for murder.

Chapter 5 end

Chapter 6 start

Hey, Gumshoe brought that evidence Franziska yoinked yesterday!

Everyone's pretty convinced Acro wouldn't kill Russell.  And in fact he wouldn't.  But the judge wants a motive.

There is no motive.  Acro wasn't aiming for Russell at all!

If you did that before, we could've gotten through previous cases a little faster...

Acro was really trying to kill Regina!  And I will prove it!

I love how they think the big cats won't attack humans just because they're not trained to.  It's called instinct, you fool!

So Acro wanted to kill Regina because she went all "I'S GONNA PLAY STUPID JOEK 8D HURR BAT IN COMA BUT THAT'S OKAY 8D".  But a new problem arises.  Where is the murder weapon?

It's not in Acro's room, so he must not be the murderer, so the judge decides to end the trial.

But wait!  Maya isn't giving up!  We still need time to present our lace- I mean case!  Now I just need to make up a case to present!

Where is Max's bust?  I have another whopping penalty threatening me if I answer wrong!





Okay... under the prosecutor's bench!

She almost killed me again!  But at least I only got a single penalty.

Enough screwing around.  It is...


...This music is beautiful...

Franny's not amused.

We don't get a funny breakdown, but...

...he cries squished eyeball juice!

Regina's traumatized by the whole thing... maybe I should be nice and show her why Acro doesn't want revenge...

...Nah, can't seem to find anything.  I'll just tell her he does.

Moe's taking over the circus!  He will make it awesome.  :D

Ominous music, and Gumshoe talking to some mysterious person about the case.  Who is it?


The investigations in this case seriously ticked me off the first time, but as I predicted, this time wasn't so bad because I remembered what to do and was then able to focus on having fun with the case.

Now, the next and final case in the game... everyone loves it.  Some people don't even like the first three cases, but still think the game is worth the money just for 2-4.  What is so great about 2-4?  Find out in the next update in maybe a couple hours or whenever!

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