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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All part 2

Welcome to the final case of Phoenix Wright's second game adventure!  This is the longest and most emotional case in the game, and considered to be the best by pretty much everyone.  Like 1-3, it appears to be just another crazy Samurai case, which was great for 1-3, but doesn't seem right for a final case.  But as we will find out later, these things are not always what they seem.  You know the drill, lots of pics and possible trilogy spoilers.

2-4: Farewell, My Turnabout

Or, All Your Maya Are Belong To Us

Summary: Capcom is evil and royally screws with our heads by giving us another Samurai-murders-porn-star-stalked-by-Oldbag case and then forcing us to make an insane decision that no one should ever actually have to make.  Also, you cross-examine a radio.

Who is the Grand Prix Hero of Heroes!  Is it...
The Jammin' Ninja?
Captain Saipan?
That guy with the long name?
Or the 1989 Denver Broncos?

Okay, it's the Nickel Samurai.

We're at the Gatewater Hotel (from 1-2, remember?) for the Grand Prix, "we" being Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, and Will Powers.  Maya needs to introduce Pearl to The Nickel Samurai because Pearl only watches Kids' Masterpiece Theatre.  Nick's not allowed to watch it because he's an old fart.  But that's okay because he still likes Kids' Masterpiece Theatre.

Poor Jammin' Ninja.  This was his second loss in a row.  Last year, he lost to The Pink Princess.

But there was something strange about him.  He wasn't carrying his bright red guitar.  And then the Nickel Samurai has a press conference where he's supposed to confess something.

We have time to explore before the press conference.

Yeah, a porn star.  *snicker*

Let's get to the press conference now!  For great justice!

What?  Unforeseen circumstances?  The police just put us in lockdown!  Let's go see what happened!

But we're stopped by an alien!

An alien with a familiar style of ranting...

It's Wendy Oldbag!  I knew it, she's an alien!

And she's shooting us!  D:

XD She got fired from Global Studios and then thought about being a bodyguard...

But he decided it would be too troublesome.

Maya finally convinces Nick to investigate the incident that just happened.

Something like that, if by "walk" you mean "run" and by "coals" you mean "flaming bridge"... but I think this is actually foreshadowing for later in the case... having already played it, it gives me kind of an unsettling "Well... I really wish I could say definitely yes..." kind of feeling.



Lotta's here, and she's arguing with Gumshoe because he won't let her into the crime scene.  XD

The victim is Juan Corrida, the Jammin' Ninja.  Once again, the suspect is the Samurai.

Gumshoe just compared Corrida's and Engarde's rivalry with himself and Nick... that's... really pretty scary.  O_o

Oh no, Will gave me the transceiver... *gulp* I know what's coming up...

Pearl notices Maya's been gone a long time... better look for her.

Oh, no need to... someone just called me on the transceiver to tell me they're holding Maya hostage and I have to get Matt Engarde declared innocent!  Oh well, no problem; they're always innocent... right?  Right?

Love the emergency music, though.  It's like Cornered, but not quite.

Maya wakes up in a wine cellar.  De Killer tells her that Phoenix will have to save her, and then contacts our lawyer friend...

The next morning, in Nick's office (where Pearl apparently spent the night with Phoenix), Pearl is still torn up about Maya, and asks what will happen if the defendant really is the killer... Nick doesn't have an answer.

Matt seems like a pretty clueless guy.  There's no way he could be the murderer... right?  Right?

Huh, he didn't let me represent him until I mentioned De Killer... definitely odd.

He says he's not the killer, and no Psyche-Locks appeared... I know he didn't kill Juan directly, but he is responsible, which is why it's gonna be tricky for me to try to prove he's innocent (I already have to try not to get ahead of myself when I remember some of the details)...

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

Let's get to the investigation!

That's the million dollar question.  A miracle Edgeworth survives.

Oldbag only keeps quiet about helpful things... that's why she's got four Psyche-Locks here.  Time to go evidence-hunting.

Hey Lotta, what's your problem?

Oh, she lost her $700 camera.  We'd better find it!  Well, $1600, but she "accidentally" scratched it.  XD

Oh snap, I know that beep!  RUN!

Too late, she's here!  And she's not happy!

Thanks for the evidence, Fran!  I know exactly what to do with it!

Best Psyche-Lock ever.  XDDD

Interesting, though, how you can show Oldbag the autograph without using the Magatama first and she just ignores it.

Every time I get a chance now, I make it a point to see what the chief of detectives is up to.  He always sits there in the back, but he's so funny.

Another Psyche-Lock already- hey, she's holding De Killer's card!

Poor Gumshoe... Fran just fired him.  But wait!  Edgeworth to the rescue!

I get the unsettling feeling Edgeworth knows more than he's telling me...

Getting the whole suicide report was no problem because I remembered I was supposed to show Edgeworth the first part.  XD

Going back to try Adrian's Psyche-Lock again, we walk in on her talking to Franziska, who shows us her Gumshoe tracker.  I wonder what they were talking about, though.

Sad Samurai music with Adrian telling me about her co-dependency...

And we notice the card in her hand, but she claims to know nothing about it.

Hey, De Killer's calling again!  He's starving Maya!

Back with Maya in the wine cellar, there's a card on the floor... exactly like the one Adrian had!

Interesting how she has an identical copy of Nick's court record, even with the stuff he got after she was kidnapped.

She figures out to use the card to unlock the door and tries to make a break for it...

Chapter 2 end

Chapter 3 start

We have to get a complete aquittal today.  Maya's life depends on it!

De Killer calls and says he has a surprise for me.

There's no prosecutor!  We win by default!

O_O Oh no!

...In the shoulder, and will be perfectly fine.

...Edgeworth's theme is too awesome!

He finally found the answer he was searching for, and by the end of the trial, I'm supposed

to find the same answer...

O_O Dude!

That's gonna take my whole life bar!

Oldbag's happy to be back on the witness stand.  XD

He remembers her, too.  XD

"Don't interrupt me, gramps!"


Oldbag, you crazy obsessed fangirl, what are you going to do with a bloody button?

Hah!  She is the one who took Lotta's camera!

"It's just one piece of paper!  I've never stolen anything else!  You gotta believe me,


The famous line from... the trailer for the first game, right?  And then this line wasn't

even in that one.

Edgeworth is being unnervingly calm...

The next witness is Adrian Andrews... crap!  That means the trial has to go for another day!

 We don't have time for that!

Edgeworth uses his cool theme music to convince the judge to let Adrian testify today.

Chapter 3 end

Chapter 4 start

We think Adrian's the killer and her motive might be related to the missing suicide note.

She's still got that card.

Her glasses exploded!  But that's okay; she's an infinite glasses generator.

I know!  The Nickel Samurai costume was stolen to mess up the post-ceremony stage show!

This isn't even the only time Phoenix suggests the possibility of a guy being naked for some

reason.  Someone's trapped in the closet!

You'd like that, wouldn't you, Edgey?  I know lots of fangirls would.  ;)

Adrian had to protect Matt because she was convinced he was the murderer... that's not good

for us.

Someone was obviously trying to frame Matt.  But who?

Adrian Andrews!  I choose you!

Nick explains how all the evidence points to her, and now she's refusing to testify.  Huh.

All right!  We got a not guilty!

...Dangit, Edgeworth, what now?

Wow, Edgeworth's being a real ass now.  Adrian really doesn't want anyone knowing about her


He's not dicking around.

Well, we tried, but the judge ends today's trial... not good for Maya!

Edgeworth asks Adrian about the card, and she says she found it next to the victim when she

found his body.


Edgeworth obviously disagrees that it's worthless and demands she hand it to him.  What is

the deal with that card?

Chapter 4 end

Chapter 5 start

Pearl is really worried about Maya, but Nick reassures her with the knowledge that the

kidnapper won't hurt her yet because they haven't gotten a guilty verdict.

Ah, Gumshoe bursts in right when we're about to go investigate!  But it's always nice to see


We decide to be nice and visit Franny in the hospital.

...Aren't you a little young to be into that?  O_o

Not the Hotti clinic again... @_@


Oh good, she's definitely okay.

Now we get info about the card.  It was owned by an assassin named Shelly de Killer.  The

same one who kidnapped Maya?  Possibly... definitely.  Remember the card she found in the

wine cellar?

Phoenix tells Edgeworth about the kidnapping, and Edgeworth says Shelly was hired by... Matt

Engarde.  He also decides to get a team together to try and rescue Maya.  Meanwhile, we

continue the investigation.

Back in the wine cellar, Maya has the door opened and tries to sneak out.  This looks like a

living room.  With an impressive-looking TV... kinda reminds me of my grandma's TV.

There's a picture of Celeste Inpax on the table.  And there's the bear puzzle on the couch.

Let's check out that cat door.

Oh crap, we're caught!

Back with Phoenix, we head to the detention center.  Matt can't talk now, but he left a note

for us, telling us to go feed his cat Shoe.

Aww!  Kitty kitty!  His meow even sounds like a real cat (or like Chester, my cockatiel XD)!


Oldbag's stopping us in the hotel lobby, but lets us investigate because "Edgey-poo said


De Killer calls again, and Nick gets him to give us one more day.  We want to make sure

Maya's okay, but suddenly, the radio goes all static-y.

I know who can fix it!  Gumshoe to the rescue!

But it's not broken at all!  Something was interfering with the signal!

Gumshoe meets us there with the bug sweeper... it kinda looks like that one thing in the

evidence room in 1-5.

We found the spy camera and the transmitter that were in the big bear...

Had chapter 6, but lost it when LJ decided to be a douche and erase the entire four chapters I was trying to update with... thankfully, I had these saved in Notepad...

Chapter 5 end... I think...

Chapter 6 start

Lost my commentary for the whole chapter, so a quick summary before I move on.

Cute kitty!

Matt's Psyche-Lock...

This is the kind of moment that makes me extremely thankful to not have been spoiled... kinda like the Crocomire fight in Super Metroid... it's just something you have to find out about by experiencing it for yourself, because spoilers really ruin the thrill you'd get.

What is a lawyer?  A miserable little pile of defense!  But enough talk, let's go save Maya!

We searched ALL THREE ROOMS in the mansion.  They must've already left!

Last trial day tomorrow; let's hope the miracle happen.

Chapter 6 end

Chapter 7 start

Exact same evil judge dream from 2-1... the first time I started this chapter, I got a little confused for a second as to how I suddenly jumped back to 2-1.

Someone calls me on my phone... and says I don't look so well?  Matt, just say it to me without wasting my minutes.  -_-

Hah!  Got the hair flip that time!

Mia tries to encourage Phoenix, but he's in a "no hope" kind of mood.

Matt's calling again!


They're still trying to track down Shelly, but so far, no leads.  We have to stall the trial as long as possible until they find Maya.

"The bellboy was suspicious because he had stitches down his face!"

"He was wearing leather gloves, too!"

I'm trying to prove Adrian was Shelly's client, even though she wasn't, and the audience also knows it.  But they don't know I'm just trying to save Maya...

Time for another recess.

After more of Matt's taunting, Mia's been pulled away from Pearl by a really strong power.  Maya?

And Gumshoe calls again with the emergency music playing!  They still don't have any leads...

Mia's back!  She saw a circus tent!  Did you get that, Gumshoe?  There was also a mailbox!  Third floor of an old office building!

Time to get back to the trial.

Celeste's suicide note was inside the bear puzzle, but... the note might be fake!  We need to get the handwriting analyzed!  But this isn't good... apparently the judge wants to suspend the trial for another day.  We don't have that kind of time!

Another phone call!  It's Gumshoe!  Crap, De Killer got away again! 

He wants to talk to Edgeworth!

Edgeworth, catch!

Yes!  He objects just in time and requests 30 minutes to test the handwriting!  Last recess of the day, though.

Gumshoe calls again!  De Killer got away again, but he left some evidence, and Gumshoe's on his way over with it!

Well, apparently something just did.  Crap.  And we have no way to find him!

We can't, but we know someone who can.  But...

She'll have to.

It sounds like the handwriting analysis is done.  Meanwhile, Phoenix, think hard about what it is you must do...

Chapter 7 end

Chapter 8 start

Huh, what's up with Edgeworth?

Ah!  The suicide note was a fake!  Apparently Celeste never wrote a suicide note and Juan wrote that one.

Edgeworth calls another witness to the stand, but... not just any witness.

Cue the ominous music.  This witness won't try to make Matt look guilty... that's a bad thing because either way, he also won't want to sit still long enough for the police to catch up.

Juan Corrida was murdered by a radio?

Also, notice how the radio looks like Shelly's face, with the line down the middle, the dial and... meter thing... where the eyes (and the monocle) would be, and the speaker where the mouth would be.

Oh crap, his client violated his trust.  Now he's going to tell us it's...

Adrian Andrews?  That's not what he told Edgeworth!

It looks like she's the guilty one... this is our chance to win the trial and save Maya!  But we can't... that wouldn't be right because we already know Matt's guilty and Adrian isn't.

Let's see what happens when we request a verdict now!

Aw, don't worry, Nick.  The same thing happened to Apollo in the demo.  You gotta not yell so much.

XD Shelly gets the wrong idea when I press him about his services.

Wait, that wasn't what I meant!

Thanks, Mr. Radio, but I'm fine!  Really!

All right, these screenshots are finally up!  I have beaten Apollo Justice... actually, I beat it within a few days of getting it, so what excuse do I have for the rest of the slacking?  None, of course.  But I'm back now, and I will do the rest of this, even if I am lazy.  Because I am awesome enough to record my comments about my favorite games on the internet.

I hope you all had a fun Easter, because I sure did!  And of course, the season finale of Frisky Dingo had to end on another cliffhanger, but I have lots of candy!  :D Anyway, after more laziness and Maximum Ride-reading (I have to finish The Final Warning before my sister loses all restraint and spoils me!), I'm actually back this time.

See, I got stuck on de Killer's testimony here, right before I got AJ, and no way did I have the patience to spend much time on this thing when the new game was finally here and ready to be played!  But it was the wine glass.

Huh.  Notice when Phoenix and Edgeworth talk about Adrian, they don't mention her gender.  This is important.

Uh-oh, the radio's getting suspicious at my lack of objections.  Better object to something!

He says he met Adrian.

Hmm... kinda like how the original Metroid instructions said Samus was a man, right?  Was she at least a polite young man?

See, he got confused because Adrian can also be a man's name.  Of course, he's a man named Shelly.

He's also a radio that sweats chocolate milk.

Now he's gotta testify again.

Hmm, if I press him too much, he might get suspicious and then bad things could happen to Maya, and I care about Maya...

Let's press further just to see what happens!

Oh no, he's figuring out that I'm trying to betray my client!  That's a VERY BAD THING!

Sure, why not?

Okay, he's calming down.  In addition to the killing, he was supposed to grab the bear puzzle, an assignment just as important as the killing, and he gave it to his client... wait, the same client he hadn't met and whose gender he didn't know?  But... he did meet... oh crap, it's a trap!  He has to be lying about his client being Adrian, so there's only one other person it could be!  That's got to be the contradiction here...

Ah, never mind about what I was thinking; pressing the next statement gets us told that she was wearing the Nickel Samurai mask.  But regardless, there is an Adrian-related contradiction!  The suicide note!  She would've burned it already!


What do we do, Edgey?

The prosecution rests... now what?

Well, now the judge is ready to hand down a verdict.  Specifically, a guilty verdict for Adrian Andrews, and we still haven't gotten our miracle evidence.  So now what?  We know Matt's guilty... but Maya's too young to die...

Speaking of Matt, he takes the stand now, using his cute, clueless facade.  He's an evil person, but not about to be accused of murder.

Oh, shut up before I take that wine glass and shove it back up your butt.

That's why this is the hardest case in the series.  I've played it before and also watched my friend play it, and I know Maya gets rescued, but at this point in the game, Phoenix doesn't know that... and honestly, if I ever in real life had to face a decision like this... I don't know what I'd do... no matter which choice I picked, I don't know that I'd be able to live with myself.  Matt's a jerk and a killer and needs punishment, but Maya's a friend... she wants him declared guilty, and if she was dead, Pearl could still channel her... but then they couldn't see each other anymore...

...Which actually brings up an interesting question.  Morgan loves Pearl and hates Maya... how would she react to Pearl channeling Maya?  Maybe she wouldn't mind so much because dead!Maya can't be the Kurain Master...

Seriously, though, Capcom sure knows how to torment a person.  D:

Well, first playthrough, Adrian was kind of annoying me... but that doesn't mean she deserves the punishment for a murder she didn't do!  But I can't kill Maya... we've been a team since almost the beginning!

Ugh, what to do... either way, someone innocent gets completely screwed over... well, here, both options do the exact same thing, but like I said, Phoenix doesn't know that.  As far as he's concerned, catching the criminal will mean killing one of his closest friends.  Seriously, how is anyone supposed to be able to make this kind of decision?

...Hey, wait a second!  Pearl would still be able to see Maya!  The Feys we've met can't
possibly be the only people living in Kurain Village; we could make friends with one of the
other mediums and get her to channel Maya!  Still, it's depressing to think about... she's
so young...

My friend and her brother were both saying "Guilty" when they were playing (well, mostly she
was playing and he was watching) because, well, Maya wants Matt found guilty because he is.

...I guess I'll just have to go with "Guilty" and hope the miracle happen (even though I
know it will, but pretend I don't)...

I'm sorry, Maya... but Matt Engarde is...

An OBJECTION!  With a whip!  Someone's just rescued me at the last second!  But who could it be?

All right!  And with the awesome Edgeworth music!  She was always a scary bitch, but she really came through this time!  She's got the evidence, and Scruffy's going to be fine.  :)

Unfortunately, the judge has already decided on a verdict and doesn't see a need for more evidence.  Edgeworth objects on the grounds that we need to examine everything.  Udgey reluctantly agrees on the grounds that the evidence has to uncover something new and relevant.  Great!  Maybe now the miracle can happen!

Franziska presents the three pieces of evidence that she grabbed and put in Gumshoe's coat, while the ominous music plays.

The same one she was shot with!

We don't know what was on this tape, but it must be important because De Killer came back for it.

The one he was wearing at the hotel.  It's missing a unique button.

Uh-oh, the judge isn't satisfied!  But it's not over yet!  We have to make the miracle happen!  And there's two ways to do that.  We can either make Matt wish for a guilty verdict, or we can get Shelly to end the contract with him.  But those are impossible!  Let's do at least one of them anyway!

The judge doesn't need anymore evidence... but someone does!  Yeah, so much for... hold on, my L button's being weird... okay, that's just a tiny piece of candy stuck in it.  Anyway, so much for that second thing being impossible; what if we have evidence for De Killer that he can't trust Engarde?  I'm so clever.  :D

This is the deciding point of which ending we get.  We must choose our person and our evidence wisely...

I'm gonna show Edgeworth my badge!  8D

"Except that you are some kind of fabulous retard, Wright."

And that is why Matt Engarde is not guilty, apparently.  Which is odd because the defendant usually gets declared guilty regardless of the evidence when the defense acts really stupid.

Phoenix, overwhelmed with the guilt of letting a murderer go free, runs away, never seeing Maya again, doomed to wander the streets alone and tormented forever because...

...PWAHAHAHAHA!  They play the guilt trip card up there, with Phoenix... well, what I just said... while playing the sad music, and it's all depressing, and then they suddenly completely ruin the mood by unexpectedly going all Zero Wing on us.

Also, black-backgrounded screens are hard to get a good photo of, at least with my way.

Now, let's see what happens when we *GASP* DO WHAT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!

...Well, we'll do that next.  First, a quick experiment.  The evidence is the tape (which as it occurs to me, I wonder why they still use those for stuff?), and you're supposed to show it to Shelly de Killer... but not John Doe, which is weird because they're the same person.

You can't actually show him the tape, of course, unless he can see through the radio.  But enough of the minor technicality.  He tried to get it on an order from his client.  But why?  Because said client didn't want anyone watching the freaky porn video?

What, Shelly's on the tape?  Matt, you didn't... I know you're a psychotic jerk with no regard whatsoever for human life, but that's just rude!

Matt wasn't using the bear camera to spy on Juan, he was using it to spy on Shelly killing Juan because...

He wanted to sit back and watch Juan get murdered and pretend it was a film festival!

Huh, that gets you the bad ending, too.

As does saying Matt "didn't trust your skills".  Shelly doesn't have a problem with his client taping his work as long as he erases the video.

So the only possible reason is blackmail.

"This is what I have to say!  Sweat chocolate milk and explode!"

His most-hated thing is traitors... so what does he do if the traitor is his own client?

He would break the contract, then go after the client.  And he would catch up to them no matter what.

Scary... particularly if you happen to be the treacherous client of the killer radio.  And this is how we're gonna turn the whole case in our favor, guys!  Because he's letting Maya go!  All right!

But not so all right for our suddenly very nervous defendant here.  What's wrong, Matt?  Don't like your shiny new aquittal?  Aww, you're afraid of the professional assassin who doesn't like you anymore, aren't you?  Your little hammerspace drink won't save you now!  And neither will anyone else because you do things that we don't like.

I like how the judge asks if I'm okay with a guilty verdict.

But the verdict doesn't matter at this point; the guy's royally screwed either way because I am just that awesome.  He is guilty; we've all known that for a while.

Here, though, saying "not guilty" is much more sadistically satisfying and funny.  Remember what De Killer just said?

Yep.  What's your point?

He did this with his fingernails.  Emos everywhere are now cutting themselves due to jealousy.

He disappears from the stand, now getting a full-course meal of von Karma's whip leather, as Edgeworth puts it.

And we saved Adrian, too!  She's finally happy!


And that's not all... the miracle happen, apparently!

Franny shows her confusion with her whip.  Why am I so happy when I just lost?  But she doesn't understand... it's not a loss at all, really; I caught a criminal and saved two innocent people!

Edgeworth explains how he was like that himself until Phoenix came along.

And that's why you're still here, having just helped me, after I beat you twice.

Edgeworth came to trust Phoenix... no matter what he did, we would find out the truth every time.

And Phoenix felt betrayed when Edgeworth left... that's why he told himself that the Miles Edgeworth he knew was dead.

She throws a hissy fit and stomps off like a brat, but also throws something else.  Her Gumshoe-tracker.  But also something else.

Yes it is, and Edgeworth says I should keep it.  Am I supposed to take her place as the bratty prosecutor with perpetual PMS?

Hey, someone else is here now!

We're so glad to see you again!

As heart-wrenching as the events were, I really love sweet reunions like this.  ^_^

And sorry this batch of screenshots took so long; I had so many that I didn't even feel like doing anything with them for a while.  Ended up having to cut out a few of the unnecessary ones.  Ending is up next... as soon as I'm done with 4-2... or maybe before then, as I have a hard time progressing in that case due to being too busy fangirling over the defendant.  XD But look at him in my avatar; he's so cute!  ^o^

7/6/08: Dang, I'm taking forever here!  I rented The World Ends With You a few weeks ago and finally returned it earlier.  Insanely awesome.  Right up there with the AA series on my list of favorite games!  It's so addictive and I want to own it T_T

And now finally, the ending of Justice For All!  Let me just put it in my DS and get my camera...

Yay, we're all happy!  We got Engarde his comeuppance and saved Maya!

High five, Edgey!

Now it's time to celebrate with dinner!  A fancy dinner at Gatewater, with no rude murder-related interruptions this time!

Assuming Lotta doesn't plan on carrying out that threat.  SHE'S THE MURDERER IN 3-1 AND PHOENIX IS THE VICTIM!  ...Kidding.  3-1 is a Mia flashback, so this would have to be 3-2.  And the Phoenix who goes against Godot is a clone created by Lotta so people don't suspect she murdered the real Phoenix!

...Or we could just assume Edgeworth decided to be nice.  XD

In any case, let's chow down and talk about the three miracle evidences!

What's this now?  Gumshoe remembers a fourth item!  Eh, it's probably nothing important.

Maya says she drew a picture while she was kidnapped.  But what happened to it?  Surely nothing possibly related to the mystery item Gumshoe just mentioned.

Time for Edgeworth to leave.

This is too obvious.  Phoenix wants to express how he feels about Edgey, and he's got the whip... that is the right answer, but not for the reason I was thinking of.  Sadly, I don't remember the real reason at the moment.  But I want to see what happens if you give him something else.  For example, Nick's badge (yay stupid foreshadowing).

And on the subject of presenting things to people, I just recently learned that in 2-3, I was supposed to show Regina Bat's profile.  Ah well, next time.

Dinner's over, Nick and Maya can get back to their love stuff (according to Pearly), and guess who gets to foot the bill!  What a good friend you are to your band of leeches, Phoenix!

Ah, don't tell me I gotta object out loud at 4 AM!  I object to that!  A voice clip through the headphones works well.  :D

I didn't take particular notice before, but Maggey says in the credits that she's quitting the police and becoming a waitress.

And Adrian is in jail, but she's happy because Franziska said she could call about anything.  Which reminds me, I gotta get back to that fanfic "Follow The Fool" sometime... which also reminds me that I need to see if Croik's updated "Well Frogs".

After the credits, Edgeworth has tracked Franziska to the airport.  Turns out she had the bug because she was still carrying Gumshoe's coat.  Edgeworth asks about the fourth item, but Fran dismisses it because the case is over.  Now she's running away because she can't fight the emo urges.

The whip makes her a prosecutor, apparently, and Edgeworth uselessly scolds Phoenix for not giving him the whip, which I'm going to go back and do.  Interesting how this is the only final evidence that you're blatantly told you had to present.

And going back to do that... Nick's reason for giving him the whip was that he couldn't have saved the day without the help of the prosecutors.

Now Edgeworth uses the whip to fight Fran's emo urges.  No, not like that; get out of the gutter.

I remember this sprite from Boot to the Head!

Franziska gets on the plane to fly away to Emoprosecutorland, promising to give Phoenix the fourth evidence next time she battles him in court.

...Which, of course, is never.  ._. A real shame... it's adorable and Phoenix would love it.  :<

It's awesome that I finally got back into this, but I'm letting a friend borrow Trials and Tribulations (finally, now that she has a working DS and doesn't have to use mine whenever I'm there), so that'll be a bit longer... but when I get it back, then I can play through it again... man, 3-5 was so epic, and I've only played it once several months ago... then on to Apollo Justice, which I'm really pretty excited about posting here!  Later, d00ds!

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