yugimew (yugimew) wrote,

Public Service Announcement

It has come to my attention that my Ace Attorney screenshots have been sucking away readers' imaginations, and this is of great concern to me.  The readers see the screenshots and don't have to think about which scenes my comments refer to.  So in order to preserve human intellect, I have taken down every image.  Don't worry, though; if you've played the games, then you should be able to figure out which scenes I'm talking about.  You'll just have to use your imagination that every human needs to have.

But anyway, check out the uber awesomeness.  :D

Fooled again?  Yes, because this actually relates directly to the first paragraph.  Which is ironic because this part is an update to assure you that that was an April Fool's (or groovy potato, as it was called on CR) joke.  I did in fact not take down anything; everything's only gone because the site they're hosted on (www.maj.com) went down and isn't (but hopefully will be) back up... I guess I'll play around with Photobucket, but I never liked it because almost every old image I've tried to look at anywhere is gone.

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