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Phoenix Wrigh: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

All right, it's officially been long enough!  I really didn't want to take nearly this long, but it's hard to update a Let's Play when you don't have access to the game you want to play.  I let my friend borrow it and it's been lost for the past few months at least, and I will buy another copy if mine doesn't get found or replaced soon... however, that is not our only problem.  My camera broke a couple months ago and still has yet to be sent in for repairs (I've got cute snuggling kitties to photograph, too ;-; ).  So we are doing things a little... differently now.

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Or, Poizenes evidens haz a flavor

Summary: Five years ago, Phoenix was a ridiculously cute dumbass who got accused of murder and ate the evidence against his psychotic girlfriend.  Meanwhile, Grossberg's hemorrhoids require constant commentary by him.

The intro shows us some jerk talking to a young, gay-sweater-wearing Phoenix, warning him about some girl who's apparently bad.  Phoenix, presumably dating this girl, gets offended and pushes jerk.  Jerk dies.

Cut to the courtroom lobby, where we are a younger, inexperienced Mia Fey.

Being nervous when you're a rookie lawyer doing a murder case is not in any way normal at all.

This is actually Mia's second case.  She really wanted this particular one... for some reason that we might learn later...

Now we meet our client.

Well, good morning to you, too!  Aren't you adorable?

Poor guy's got a cold... D:

Mia introduces herself to us, the players, and also informs us that her first trial was badly traumatizing.  She didn't think she'd ever set foot in a courtroom again.  Why, then, was she so eager this time?

Now, this is a tutorial case.  Take a wild guess who the prosecutor is.

The prosecutor is a  genteel-man.  Of course.

And he had hair back then.

Mia doesn't know the victim's cause of death.  Grossberg's hemorrhoids are not amused, and apparently that is very important for us to know.  If anyone for some reason is reading this without having played the game...

He seriously keeps doing this throughout the case..

Now we learn how to use the Court Record button to find out the cause of death.  It was electrocution.


(Wow, that doesn't look out of place with emulator screenshots at all)

Now, apparently there was some bad blood between the defendant and the victim.  I wonder if the events of the intro video could possibly have anything to do with that.  ...No, that's crazy.  Impossible.

OH NO!  This is terrible!  The judge wants EVIDENCE now!  WTF!

We shove the evidence into Ol' Graybeard's face!  That'll learn him to mess with us!

The girl whose profile we present here is Dahlia Hawthorne, Phoenix's girlfriend and Doug Swallow's (the victim) ex.

Payne calls Phoenix to the stand.  Mia sees no problem with this; after all, he is innocent, right?

Phoenix gives his testimony.  He claims he's not only not a killer, but didn't even know the "stuck-up British wannabe".  But that's not the end of this.  Payne and Grossberg remind us that we have to cross-examine the witness.  This is a tutorial for people who haven't played the first two games, obviously, but the problem is this is the one game in the series that you absolutely do not want to start with, if you want to appreciate the epicness of the ending and everything.

"Right!  So I definitely didn't use a Death Note!"

How did he know the defendant was a "stuck-up British wannabe" if he didn't know him?  The answer is the Union Jack, the flag of England, on the back of Doug's shirt.

But wait a second... the crime scene photo shows a jacket on the guy!  You can't see the back of his shirt!  First contradiction of the game right there!

...Which I just accidentally crapped up by not noticing I was back at the beginning of the testimony.  I blame ninjas.

And apparently just because Nick didn't know Doug, there's no way he ever could've seen him jacketless before finding the body.  A round of applause for Mia's logic, everyone!

Aww, we made Phoenix cry.  D:

Now a new factor is introduced by the prosecution.  A medicine called Coldkiller X.  It kills colds good!  :D Unfortunately, Phoenix lost his.  In the victim's hand, as shown by another crime scene photo.

...I gotta say, it feels weird to not be able to examine evidence.  I guess I'm used to the Apollo Justice way of doing things, despite the fact that my friend just gave that back to me after like a month or two of borrowing it.  :P

Phoenix's suspiciousness apparently has some kind of effect on Grossberg's buttocks.  WE ALL NEED TO KNOW THAT.

At this point, Phoenix flip-flops his testimony,  which the judge observes, but only in the form of  an observation because nobody cares about perjury.

For some reason, every time Phoenix goes into "I love Dollie" mode, Mia gets an urge to slap something, which is Grossberg.

And now we need to establish the murder method.  What is it?  We haven't had a weapon produced yet.  Could it be that broken power line behind the victim?  Yes, but unfortunately for us, that just incriminated our own client.  Crap.

Even Grossberg's hemorrhoids say we're finished.  So we must be.  D:

HOLD IT!  Mia convinces Phoenix to tell the whole truth this time!  But the truth is that he did push the victim, which causes Grossberg's hemorrhoids to do the Harlem Shake.  How does this help us?  It doesn't, as far as we can tell!

But there weren't any severed cables at the time Phoenix pushed Doug.  Even a dufus like him would've noticed that.

And I just owned Payne with the testimony at the umbrella that Phoenix said the victim fell on!  But he's not finished yet... he's got a decisive witness!  Phoenix's girlfriend?  According to Mia, this is actually good for us.  But why?  Why does Dahlia want Phoenix to give back the bottle necklace she gave him?  And what does this "Murder in the Courthouse" story have to do with all this?  Find out in chapter 2!

Chapter 1 end

Chapter 2 start

The witness, Dahlia Hawthorne, arrives at the stand.  She is pretty and has a peaceful theme song, and even attracts butterflies.

Of course we can trust her.  Mia's just being pouty. 

Actually, I'd found out a long time ago, like before GS2 had an English title, that she was the murderer of this case.  Very unsurprising because a) this is a first case, and b) remember April May?  With the obnoxiously cute act to cover up the bitch?

But she just knows her darling Feenie wouldn't kill anyone!  ...Is that bad for us?  Maybe.  She's trying to protect the defendant, as are we, but the thing is, we want Phoenix declared innocent because he actually is, not because of the lies of a witness we seem to have a grudge against.

And when asked to tell the truth, she starts lying more to try and incriminate Phoenix without looking like she wants to.

It turns out Doug was hit by lightning!  Wait, no he wasn't!  There was no lightning, and it was definitely the brittle cable that was broken by a single bump and that all the lab equipment runs on!

Indeed Phoenix shoving Doug did cause the power outage. 

Mia agrees with me.  Why have those cables never been replaced, like they expect everyone to always tread carefully 100% of the time?  More importantly, what's up with real killers making up crap about Phoenix chasing the victim?  Redd White did the same thing, if anyone remembers that.

Silly Mia.  You really are a rookie if you think perjury is illegal in this courtroom.

But now we are ready to reveal the real killer!



Grossberg arrives with our decisive evidence!  Yay!  :D

This evidence is a police report about the incident in the newspaper clipping we got earlier.

Her boyfriend being Diego Armando, the lawyer who was supposedly murdered by... Dahlia Hawthorne?  GASP!

And according to Dahlia's haiku about Phoenix, he's a mushroom growing from cow dung.  Isn't that romantic?

Now I've got her testifying about the poisoning of Diego.  She was suspected for that, but not arrested because no one could figure out how she could've gotten the poison.  Let's see, she was dating a pharmacology student...


But a container for the poison wasn't found.  How could she transport it?  A tiny bottle disguised as a necklace?

In fact, remember at the end of the first chapter when Phoenix mentioned how he was always flaunting the necklace and Dahlia wanted it back?  That's because it was incriminating evidence against her.

We just made Phoenix cry again, and now he's run off with the bottle.  That isn't good.  But the bailiff brings him back in, so the bottle-

...Oh.  That's fine, too; it's not like it was poisoned or important evidence or anything!

You might not think much of this the first time through, but the second time onwards, I get a distinct sort of terrified kind of feeling for Mia on this scene.

But Phoenix is alive and well.  So there must not have been any poison in the bottle.  It looks like we just lost, then...

HOLD IT!  Phoenix just conveniently remembered something!  Remember the flashback of Doug warning Nick about Dahlia?  We get more detail to that.  Apparently she stole poison from the pharmacology lab.  Once 8 months ago, and again just recently.  And then when Phoenix left, got worried, and went back to check on Doug, there was Dahlia right there by the body.

But she wasn't trying to kill Doug!  She wanted to kill Phoenix!  His flaunting and not-giving-back of the bottle was dangerous to her.

And we finally get to see Dahlia's bitch mode.

This in my opinion is her creepiest pose.  Not the glowing-eyes one; that's just LOL.  Although Kristoph Gavin's glowing glasses...

Anyway, now we have one chance to present decisive evidence against Dahlia.  If we fail, Mia loses her badge and probably becomes a hobo.

But if Dahlia wanted to poison Phoenix... using the bottle again would've been stupid.  There's one thing that he'd be certain to ingest.

She killed Doug because he knew too much, and planted the medicine she'd stolen from Phoenix so she wouldn't get caught with it.

...Tried to capture the burning butterflies, but wasn't fast enough.  Dahlia's pissed because Mia told her to take some of the cold medicine if it really wasn't poisoned.

This cracked me up the first time because I thought of a fanbrat throwing a hissy fit because someone didn't like her bad fanfic.  XD

Victory is mine.  But only for the time being.

But someone still isn't finished.  Payne refuses to believe what just happened.  So I'm sure he wouldn't mind taking some of our Coldkiller X.  He did say he'd trust Dahlia with his life, didn't he?

A screenshot just can't do Payne's breakdown justice (especially with a slow PrtScn key).  He was so shocked that his hair flew off and it was epic.

But Phoenix Wright is not guilty!  And Grossberg's hemorrhoids were about to explode like Mt. Vesuvius!

Well, that's quite a rude request, isn't it?  D:

Phoenix, unfortunately, appears to be in denial.  The Dollie he knows would never be a homicidal psycho bitch.

We end the flashback case with a monologue from modern day!Phoenix about the memories of that case... something has happened to bring back those memories, but that is a story for another day.

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