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Phoenix Wrigh: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations case 2

New organization technique I wish I'd thought of before.  I might eventually redo the first two games this way (including rom screenshots, as those tend to look better than camera ones, unless I somehow end up with an amazing camera), but that's going to be a while, and hopefully on a different site.  If I had a SomethingAwful account, I would LP the series there, but because it costs money just to register on their forums, I do not have an account.  But I want people to be reading these and be able to find the case that they're looking for.  So yeah, a seperate entry for each case now because that last one got kinda long and having to scroll through tons of pictures is annoying when your internet connection gets lazy.

Links to previous cases:

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
1-1: The First Turnabout
1-2: Turnabout Sisters
1-3: Turnabout Samurai
1-4: Turnabout Goodbyes
1-5: Rise from the Ashes

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
2-1: The Lost Turnabout
2-2: Reunion, and Turnabout
2-3: Turnabout Big Top
2-4: Farewell, My Turnabout

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations
3-1: Turnabout Memories

3-2: The Stolen Turnabout

Or, Turnabout Jazz Hands

Summary: Valuable things are being stolen by the flashiest thief ever.  Ami Fey's urn is among the "victims".  Also, some jerk no one cares about gets killed at some point.

...I really can't get any farther than this at the moment, since I can't get the emulator to load my save, and I am still currently cart-less and camera-less, although I am definitely getting a new camera soon, and hopefully either my borrowed-and-lost copy of T&T or a (preferably used) replacement.  Could just go ahead and get on with AJ (my favorite) once I get my camera, but then my LJ would look all out of order, and I don't really want that.

2/1/09: Update!  As of about a week ago, I own another copy of the game!  Oh man, commentating the real game feels so much more natural than with the rom!  But I think I'll get back to this sometime after finishing the game, as despite being a used copy, it had no data saved (I think the previous owner, if they played it at all, got a little bit into case 1 and then quit), so I'm stuck with slow text for this run.  But I am so glad to be playing this again!


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